What is the policy on Prohibited Trading Activity?

You must abstain from engaging in any trading practices that are explicitly forbidden by the Company or its partner Brokers. Prohibited trading practices encompass a variety of actions, such as:

  • – Exploiting pricing errors or delays on the Broker’s platform.
  • – Using confidential or insider information for trading decisions.
  • – Engaging in front-running or trading that may compromise the Company’s relationship with a Broker or lead to trade cancellations.
  • – Trading in ways that might cause regulatory complications for the Broker.
  • – Applying any third-party or widely marketed strategies designed specifically to pass assessment accounts.
  • – Switching strategies between the assessment phase and the funded phase, as deemed inappropriate by the Company who provides the funded account.
  • – Holding or trading Single Share Equity CFDs around the time of an earnings announcement, with strict timing requirements for closing such positions.
  • – Entering Equity CFD trades at the close of a trading day with the aim of capitalizing on overnight market gaps.
  • – Attempting to arbitrage between assessment accounts or with accounts from other entities.
  • – Any trading activity that the Company, at its sole discretion, identifies as prohibited, can lead to immediate termination from the program and potential forfeiture of fees paid.

Prior to granting a Funded account, the Company will review your trading activity to ensure compliance with these rules. Any detected Prohibited Trading will disqualify you from receiving a Funded account. Moreover, the Company retains the absolute right to prevent any trader from participating in the program if deemed necessary.

All accounts provided to our clients are demo accounts with virtual funds. All trading activities occur in a simulated environment. For more information, visit our FAQ.