Can I access educational resources before starting the evaluation process?

IC Funded is a proprietary trading program that offers traders the opportunity to manage a funded trading account with private capital

The first step is the initial evaluation phase, where traders begin by trading a demo account. During this phase, traders are guided to meet specific profit targets and demonstrate effective risk management strategies. This phase serves as an educational period, allowing traders to refine their trading skills and gain valuable insights.

IC Funded is designed to provide traders with a comprehensive educational and evaluation experience. The program follows a two-step process that focuses on developing trading skills and ensuring risk management proficiency.

Once traders successfully complete the initial evaluation phase, they progress to the funded account phase. In this phase, traders are provided with a special funded trading account by IC Funded. They can trade with virtual capital while applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the evaluation process with a share gain % with the firms. This phase offers an opportunity for traders to put their education into practice and apply their trading abilities.

All accounts provided to our clients are demo accounts with virtual funds. All trading activities occur in a simulated environment. For more information, visit our FAQ.